Tuesday, March 4, 2008

DDR memory

Recently I was looking for DDR Ram to upgrade my old PC. To my surprise I found the DDR Ram is actually more expensive than DDR2 Ram, it is almost double the price. One of the reason is that DDR3 Ram is due now even though it is quite expensive around $120 per Gb. But I don't understand how that can make money when DDR2 are selling under $50 per 2Gb kit. Unless they are ripping us off all along. I remember not long ago I was paying $120 for 512MB SDRAM. Anyway, I'm glad that the price is falling so rapidly as I may consider buying a new system soon.

My current PC system is over 7 years old the only thing I've upgraded is the harddrive other than that it is still working fine with Windows XP. Surfing the net is no problem thanks to my cable modem, it is running at 5M download speed, however I doubt that they can handle Vista. I have Vista installed on my notebook which has Core2 Duo 2GHz CPU and 2G Ram, it is running fine but I don't think my Athlon XP desktop will work even if I put more memory.

It is time to study the latest hardwares and hopefully I can come up with an affordable configuration that can last me another few years.


Man said...

I found good price DDR400 ram 1G $40=tax at Tiger direct but it was out of stock so ended up bought OCZ 2G kits at Infonec for $89+tax. It works fine with my old MB and I can see picture load up much faster.

Anonymous said...

I found out that last week there was a one day sales of OZC DDR400 1G ram for $28. Too bad I already bought the kit, I hope it will keep going down.