Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tax time

It is always been a busy month in February, not only it is the shortest but it packed with all these festivities like Chinese New Year, Valentine Day, and the new Family Day. But one thing that bothers me the most is the RRSP contribution deadline. Every year I will be scratching my head to figure out my contribution and the worst part is to find the money. It is very dreadful to most people as they have to decide where to put there RRSP investment. Fortunately most financial institutions are already aware of these so they let you park the money and decide later.

This year the stock market is not looking good so GIC or Bond will probably be most common choice. I always think that the people that come up with this RRSP idea is genius. It really helps the government and financial market to release a lot of pressure. Imagine all the money coming every year to support the financial market and the retired people.

So now let me finish my RRSP contribution and start filing my Tax return. By the way, QuickTax is being stingy this year. They only allow 2 returns per copy instead of 5 so beware if you are sharing with family or friends.


gorally said...
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gorally said...

Hi Gary,
Nice BLOG. I picked up a QuickTax Platinum and supposely the extra 20 dollars can save me more in my investment. I will stay tune to see if the extra 20 dollars is worth spent.


Man said...

Seems like Platinum version is also 2 returns per copy, but include investment and rental income sections. Obviously not for me as my investments are all vapourized this year.

Anonymous said...

I use NetFile and return was quick, got my tax return in 2 weeks.