Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Digital photography?

Since digital cameras became main stream I rarely look at any photo album anymore. It is very cost effective and green but somehow I miss the physical photo. In the pass ten years I had cumulated thousands of photos and they were resided in various hard drives in my home computers. Actually I have hard time organizing them, I tend to save them casually everywhere among my PCs, and after I downloaded them I rarely have a chance to see them again.

Lately I’m using online site to post my photos so family and friends can share, but still very tedious. Usually, there are some post processing need to be done. For one, I like to take my picture in RAW mode so at least I have to convert them to more common format like JPEG before I can post them. While I was doing that I usually found the color or the composition were not that desirable so ended up spent time touching up the photos. This is not a simple exercise, even though there are lots of software out there that can help but it is always depend on personal preference and experience. At the end of the day it took me hours and hours before I could get it done.

I know this is the norm but sometime I hope I can just find a store to develop all my photos professionally and I don’t mind paying a little bit more. Hm…may be I can open a business to do this…:)


David said...

I'm not a 'pro photographer' but a freind of mine (who also is an aspiring photog) has booked a wedding in a couple of months. I'll be going along as a second.
Is having your own printer a potential money maker?

Man said...

I don't think so, ink and toner are expensive. It is much cheaper to print them in a store.

Unless you can do it lower than 20cents each with good quality otherwise you can't compete with most of the discount stores.