Saturday, March 15, 2008

March Break

Students here have a really good life almost every month there is day off. My daughter only needs to go to school 5 days in March. The first week was field trip then 2 weeks March Break after that there are Easter holidays.

It is not easy for parents consider most family have both husband and wife working. I don't understand School system here. They are not helping the kids at all. I remember I heard on Radio that our Premier urges teachers to give school kids a break not do force them to hand in their home work as they have a busy life.

What the heck, what kind of advice is that? Our kids have enough bad influences from media already we don’t need that from our school system. What happen to discipline, integrity and respect? Shouldn't our kids learn these from school?

I understand our kids need some freedom to be creative and enjoy their life but at the same time they need to learn to be responsible and hardworking. I hope our school system can educate our next generation, encourage team work and community support rather than creating all these self-centre monsters.

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