Friday, May 2, 2008

Third World Farmer Online Simulation


The objective of the game is to make enough money to sustain your characters’ family, by buying all the communication items. As the years pass, you try to give your characters an education, a spouse, children, and enough money to sustain their family.

Connection to the Real World:

Like the real world, there are many obstacles that the characters face that will most probably put them all in danger. Your financial stability might decrease and eventually kill everyone. Some obstacles in the game were; civil war, dry season, angry mob, theft, crash of the national bank, and sickness.


The first few times someone would play the game, the developers of third world farmer have succeeded in meeting their goal. However, as the play the game more, the objective has shifted to getting a lot of money, or getting more points. So, we as a class, would all get hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then just make our characters do the most unrealistic things for the sake of getting points. I saw the hardships more as something to expect, and not exactly injustices. Rather than playing to “stimulate a deeper and more personal reflection of the topics” we played for different reasons.

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Anonymous said...

Its a fun game, i like it.